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Happy Holidays! - Update on Midwestlans and .LAN

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Holiday season and that you're spending all of those gift cards and cash wisely :)

I wanted to provide an update for .LAN and Midwestlans this morning:

Since .LAN 2014 wrapped up, I’ve taken a lot of time to plan and reflect on where I want .LAN to go and how I want to position this event to mature over the next few years. It was through this reflection that I came to the conclusion that I’m ready to close the chapter on .LAN and Midwestlans.

My number one driver over the past 5 years was never to make money, never to be driven by “dreams of grandeur”. In fact, I never made money from these events, so it had to be about something else. It was always about playing games with a bunch of friends. It was always about making new friends and over 5 years, I made a lot of new friends that I’m very thankful have stuck with me and supported me any way they could.

Unfortunately, it was a lot of work for 2014 to happen. It took two years to get that event going and while the event was fun and enjoyable, it felt more than ever like work to me. I walked away from the 2014 event exhausted. I was less willing to take time away from my family and the time I did take away left me feeling frustrated. That was time I’ll never get back and as the event grows again, that’s less time I’d have.

So in planning for 2015, I’ve realized that there will be a significant amount of time and financing risk that I’ll need to contribute for the event to happen. This risk comes at our lowest attendance for .LAN in 5 years and so I have to weigh that risk with my comfort levels. Taking in to account everything I’ve said to this point, I hope you can see why I’ve made this decision.

I’ll miss .LAN. I’ll miss everyone I’ve had a chance to meet and chat with. This was a fun (and frustrating) ride, but I have memories that will stick with me forever. Thank you all for supporting me and supporting .LAN over these years.